Mini Sun Power Saver
:: Product Feature
Here is a smart way to reduce your electricity consumption by 10% to 30%. This new
innovative device can filter the supply voltage while improving the efficiency and power factor
of your electricity consumed.

This Device is able to store electricity for 5 to 10 seconds and release it for use doing
downside voltage. It can also improve safety by reducing the overheating of electrical wiring,
hence reducing the size of wiring an copper loss. (Precaution should be observed here, this
does not imply that attaching multiple units of the power saver will drastically reduce power
consumption in all cases. Please consult a trained electrician if advice is necessary.)

The amount of saving depends on few factors such as the type of electrical appliance use,
the amount of electrical use and location. Places near to shops, restaurants and light
industries where voltage supply is unstable and fluctuating will see higher savings.

In addition to extending the life span of appliance motor, this device also reduces the reactive
power generated by inductive loads. It helps the utility companies by eliminating interference
to the power supply. This Power Saver is tested in performance by PSB (Singapore).

A Test Result from PSB Corporation (Singapore) on a set of fluorescent  tube.
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:: Technical Aspect
There are two components of power: reactive power and working (real) power.
- Reactive power (kVAR) is used to create EMF in the inductive loads in your home and business. This power
performs no "real" work.

- Working power (kW) is the power that performs the function of the load.

- These two components combine to formulate Apparent Power (kVA), the total power which the load
consumes. Apparent power is equal to the square root (sqrt) of kW2 + kVAR2.

- Power Factor is the ratio of working power (kW) to apparent power (kVA). In other words looking at all the
power that a load consumes, how much of it (percentage wise) is used to perform the real work?

Obviously, the lower the power factor, the lower the ratio between the apparent power and the working power,
the more inefficient the load is.
Better Power Factor
The Mini Sun Power Saver improve the power factor by reducing the amount of reactive power (kVAR) that
the load draws from the utility company. This is accomplished by supplying the reactive power locally at the
load by the use of capacitors. Capacitors store the reactive power (kVAR) needed for the creation of the EMF
within the inductive load. As the motor operates, this reactive power is "pulled" and "pushed" to and from the
capacitors by the motor. In simpler terms, it can said that inductive receivers (motors, etc) consume reactive
energy, while capacitor (capacitive receivers) produce reactive energy. Therefore the amount of reactive
power purchased from the utility company by a power factor optimization has been greatly reduced, or

Conclusion - Benefit of increased Power Factor

Consumers whose applicable tariffs include MD charges and Power Factor surcharge shall be able to
reduce their energy demand as well as consumption and thus will benefit from both the reduced cost of
energy and reduced consumption of electricity. As for consumers whose applicable tariffs do not include MD
charges and Power Factor surcharge shall benefit from the reduction in energy consumption due to
increased efficiency of their electrical appliances, reduces in losses and better voltage profiles.
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